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Trans Bay Cable Project, USA

customerSiemens AG, Germany
end customerTrans Bay Cable, LLC, USA

Trans Bay Cable Project, USA

IPCOMM delivered ipConv gateways to link the TDC control systems with the master stations.
The converter station Pittsburg as well as Potrero are connected to the master stations by DNP 3.0 protocol.
Information of a Nexus energy meter is transmitted via gateway to the TDCs.
The TDCs are connected to the gateway with the proprietary protocol Simatic TDC.
Remote access to the gateway runs over a separate LAN.
The gateway time is synchronized over the NTP protocol.

This IPCOMM solution is part of the HVDC system Trans Bay Cable, USA.

Trans Bay Cable Project, USA

Trans Bay Cable, LLC awarded Siemens a contract to construct a submarine High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission link between San Franciscoís city center and a Pacific Gas & Electric substation near Pittsburg, California.
The Trans Bay Cable project will transmit 400 MW active power and ± 170 MVAr reactive power (statcom function) and is the first order for the innovative HVDC PLUS technology by Siemens. [...] The heart of the HVDC PLUS converter stations is the multilevel converter where the conversion from AC to DC transmission, and vice versa, takes place. In comparison with line-commutated converters based on thyristor technology, the HVDC PLUS system operates with powered semiconductors with turn-on and turn-off capability (IGBT). After commissioning in 2010, the Trans Bay Cable project is anticipated to meet the California Independent System Operatorís (ISO) planning and reliability standards.

Used Products

ipConvipConvUniversal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

Used Protocol Stacks

DNP V3.00, MasterDNP V3.00, Slave
Simatic TDC, Master


IPC191V2 19IPC191V2 19" 1UThe robust and flexible industrial PC in ultra flat design. This solution offers a combination of a high degree of flexibility and performance with a relatively low price.
This system is no longer available!
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