Gateway Performance Charts

Two criteria are relevant for assessing the performance of ipConv systems:

  1. The maximum number of changes of information per second
    ... specifies how many changes of information value and/or quality the device is able to transfer in real time. The peak load may considerably exceed the maximum load for a short time. At maximum load the CPU load approximately reaches 100%. Depending on the used configuration (e.g. protocol stacks, processing function etc.) the maximum load can differ from ideal case.

    Log-Level=0 , i.e. all modules = 0
    Log-Level=1 , i.e. module "Node" = 1, all other modules deactivated (0)

  2. The maximum number of configurable data points
    ... specifies how many data points within an ipConv system are configurable on respective hardware. Only data points at ipConv input are counted, i.e. the test system is configured with twice as many data points as stated (input + output). The maximum number of data points depends on the maximum memory capacity of the respective hardware.

The performance test was carried out under the following conditions:
  1. Ethernet connection between master (test host) and slave (test device)
  2. communication via the protocol IEC 60870-5-104 (configured as master and slave)
  3. configured data points consist of
    • measured scaled values (45%)
    • measured normalized values (45%)
    • single indications (10%)