Beside our standard products we offer individual solutions for communication and a comprehensive range of services.

Complex customer requirements call for specific solutions. Our universal products become attuned to your project-specific needs and are offered with the adequate hardware platform according to the requirements.

We will be pleased to draw up a non-binding offer for you.
For this we would ask you to provide the following detailed information:
  • Block diagram (functional drawing), if any
  • Which protocols are to be linked up with the master station (e.g. superordinate control station)?
  • Which protocols are to be linked up with the slave station (e.g. substation, RTU, control station)?
  • How many distant terminals (slave stations) are to be connected per gateway / in total?
  • How are several slave stations be serially connected (point-to-point / party line)?
  • How many data points (in control and monitoring direction) should be transmitted (per slave station / per gateway / in total)?
  • Should the gateways operate redundantly?
  • How many gateways are required?
  • Contact details for possible queries
  • Project name, if any
Please send your request by fax to +49 911 180791-10 or by email to

If possible, please enclose a sketch describing the communication / connection between master station level and substation level.