ipConv/Cloud Use Cases

Protocol Conversion as a Cloud Service
  • ipConv/Cloud in the cloud

    For inter-site communication between different protocols, ipConv/Cloud can be hosted on public cloud platforms. This allows cloud services to be deployed for universal protocol conversion that can be tailored to scale as needed.
    By hosting ipConv/Cloud with an IaaS provider (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), you can subscribe to additional resources as needed without having to operate and maintain the technical infrastructure on your own.

Protocol Conversion on Linux Based Edge Devices
  • ipConv/Cloud on edge machines

    With ipConv/Cloud, you gain the capability and flexibility of the universal ipConv communication solutions for Linux-based environments.
    At the Edge, the use of ipConv/Cloud allows the pre-processing of information before it is transmitted to the cloud. Crucial tasks can be performed on-site without leaving the protected domain. Even the integration of distributed systems and decentralized platforms is seamless due to the excellent scalability with ipConv/Cloud.

Interfacing Serial Communication via Ethernet
  • Interfacing serial communication via Ethernet

    If data needs to be transferred via serial RS232/RS422/RS485 interfaces, Serial Device Servers can be used, which enable serial communication over Ethernet. These allow ipConv/Cloud to communicate with corresponding devices as if they were directly connected by a serial interface. The processing, conversion and transmission of information from serial protocols (such as IEC 60870-5-101, Modbus, DNP 3.0) therefore become possible even across network boundaries.

    In addition to the processing of raw process communication data, ipConv/Cloud supports the remote configuration of the virtual COM ports of those serial-to-Ethernet solutions (according to RFC2217).