CDC Type I

  • Developed by the EMPROS company, the CDC Type I protocol enables communication between control stations and RTU 44-500 or 44-550 substations.

    The physical layer operates in a proprietary PCM mode.

Supported Information Types
Control Direction
  • Double Command
  • Setpoint [12 bit]
Monitoring Direction
  • Single indication [1 Bit]
  • Measured value [12 bit]
  • Counter value [16 bit]
Protocol Features
  • Physical Layer

    proprietary PCM encoding, half-duplex

  • Application Layer

    on-demand transmission of digital, analog and counter values
    Direct transmission of commands and setpoints
    "Select before operate" transmission of commands and setpoints

  • Address Space

    RTU addresses 0..13
    up to 128 16-bit words with up to 16 digitals each
    up to 128 analogs

Available Protocol Stacks

CDC Type I, Slave

Applicable Products
  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility