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    Siemens AG, Germany
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    SUEWAG, Germany


For this project our "Dial-up Adapter" ipRouteDialup has been used.

The used SICAM RTU doesn't own a dial-up function allowing the connection to the control station. This functionality - the initialization of a dial-up connection to the control station - is taken over by ipRouteDialup. Analogue, ISDN and GSM-Modems are supported. The transmission of the data occurs with IEC 870-5-101 in balanced or unbalanced mode.

The dial-up connection is initialized:
1. If an ASDU with a defined and configurable type identifier has been received from the substation.
2. As soon as 80 % of the telegram buffer (configurable capacity) are used.
3. Cyclical (configurable).

Used Products

  • ipRouteDialup

    IEC 870-5-101 router to connect RTUs and SCADA systems over dialup lines