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IPC191V2 19" 1U

The robust and flexible industrial PC in ultra flat design. This solution offers a combination of a high degree of flexibility and performance with a relatively low price.
This system is no longer available!

DOWNTechnical Details

IPC191V2 19" 1U serves as the hardware platform for our software products ipConv, ipRoute and others.  Compared with  HEC, IPC191V2 19" 1U offers more CPU performance and higher storage capacity. It is also fitted with up to 16 serial RS232 ports. The device comes with two 100MBit LAN interfaces as standard and can be fitted with more. Its two PCI slots make it highly upgradable.

All industrial PCs are assembled and subjected to rigorous testing. This includes a comprehensive function test before and after an exhaustive burn-in test of minimum 48 hours.

Like all our systems, IPC191V2 19" 1U has been designed for sustained continuous 24-hour operation and maximum availability. True to our ‘simpler is better’ design philosophy, we intentionally avoided highly sophisticated components, placing a high value on passive (fanless) component parts. Quality was another determining factor for choosing the individual elements. While its architecture is highly similar to that of conventional microcontroller-based equipment, it offers the hardware infrastructure required for an operating system such as Linux or Windows. Some highlights of the IPC191V2 19" 1U:

  • passive fanless power supply
  • passive CPU and chipset cooling
  • two redundant premium supporting fans for expanding the temperature range, which are only brought on stream when the system reaches critical temperatures.
  • CompactFlash with an MTBF > 4,000,000 h for mass storage

The operating system and the application are configured in such a way that the limited number of write cycles and comparably low write speed of the CompactFlash mass storage do not affect performance. Due to this special configuration, neither the operating system nor the application needs to access the CompactFlash during runtime. The operating system’s kernel is stored in a write-protected sector of the CompactFlash, thus ensuring that the system is always accessible. This is of particular importance, since most devices are used without a screen or keyboard and administered only via the Ethernet. All temporary files, such as log files are written to an internal RAM disk, enabling a high read/write speed. In addition, this renders the system insensitive to sudden power outages. After more than ten years’ usage, the CompactFlash has proven to be a highly suitable storage medium for our applications.

Standard delivery of the system includes either a 90 - 264V AC, 127 - 373V DC (autorange) or a 24V DC power supply. Other voltages on request.

Technical Details

Processor VIA 800 MHz, passiv cooling
Mass Storage CompactFlash Industrial - Grade
Max. 8 GB supported
MTBF ≥ 4,000,000h
Removable flash card
Shock: 1000 G max.
Bad block scanning/handling
Static wear leveling system
6-Bit ECC
2,000,000 write/erase cycles
Interfaces Two serial RS232 interfaces onboard

Serial communication board:
Up to 16 serial interfaces
DB9 male connectors, optional RJ45, DB25 male or female connectors
50 bps to 921.6 Kbps transmission speed
Embedded 16 KV ESD protection

Two RJ45 10/100BaseTX LAN Interfaces onboard, more on request

Standard VGA graphic adapter
Diagnostics Power LED
LED to show different software conditions
Additional functions Battery bufferd real time clock (RTC)
MTBF >100.000h
Power supply fanless
90 - 264V AC, 127 - 373V DC autorange, optional 10-30V DC, other on request
Dimensions W/H/D 19"x1.75"x15" (482.6 mm x 44.45 mm x 381 mm)
Mounting 19" rack mount chassis
Environmental- / storage temperature 0° C to 45° C / 0° C to 60° C
Rel. humidity 5 % to 90 % non-condensing
Normen CE


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