• The Fuji protocol was developed by Fuji Electric for communication between control stations and substations.

    The physical layer is based on a proprietary 28-bit PCM format.

    Fuji operates in half-duplex mode based on the master/slave principle. While one master can communicate with up to 32 RTUs, each RTU only responds to explicit requests from the master.

Available Protocol Stacks

Fuji, Slave

Applicable Products
  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

  • Project CFE
    Project CFE, Mexico

    Products: ipConv
    Protocol Stacks: Conitel-2020, Slave DNP V3.00, Slave DNP V3.00, Master Harris-5000/6000, Slave Recon, Slave Indactic 33/41, 2033, Slave Fuji, Slave XMAT, Master

  • CFE
    CFE, Mexico

    Products: ipConv
    Protocol Stacks: Harris-5000/6000, Slave Fuji, Slave DNP V3.00, Master