Project CFE

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    Siemens AG, Germany
  • end customer
    CFE - Comission Federal de Electricidad

Project CFE

  • ipConv enables coupling between a Siemens XMAT control system and the superordinate control stations.
    The protocol converters operate redundantly with reciprocal monitoring via the RS232 connection (R). Communication to the control stations is based on various protocols.


    26 protocol converters were used to connect 13 stations* at CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad).

    CFE provides about 85% of the 4,270 MW power in total which can be fed into the CFE power grid, while independent energy providers contribute about 15% (as of March 2004). Generated power mainly originates from combined power stations (approx. 73.5%), hydro power stations (approx. 21.1%) and atomic power stations (approx. 3.1%).

    The combined high, medium and low voltage network covers a total length of 660,852 km (as of March 2003).

    *Station names:

    · Boca del Rio · Refineria Madero · Kabah · Las Matas
    · Faro      · Plaza Dorada · Canticas · Culiacan
    · Contry · Lomas del Mar · P.V. Monterrey · San Jeronimo
    · Ninos Heroes      



    Picture Gallery

    Las Matas substation GIS - Gas-insulated switching center from Siemens Las Matas - IPCOMM protocol converter
Used Products
  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

Used Protocol Stacks

Conitel-2020, Slave

DNP V3.00, Slave

DNP V3.00, Master

Harris-5000/6000, Slave

Recon, Slave

Indactic 33/41, 2033, Slave

Fuji, Slave

XMAT, Master