7 Application Layer n/a
6 Presentation Layer n/a
5 Session Layer n/a
4 Transport Layer n/a
3 Network Layer n/a
2 Link Layer HN Z 66-S-15
HN Z 66-S-13
1 Physical Layer HN Z 66-S-11
RS232/V.24 (UART-Conform)

HNZ denotes a number of national standards, defined by the EDF (ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE), such as:

  • HN Z 66-S-11
    defines the physical layer functions and frame formats
  • HN Z 66-S-13
    defines the link layer functions
  • HN Z 66-S-15
    defines simplified link layer functions 

The standard does not define an application layer.

Actual implementations - though in a simplified form - are available for instance from CEGELEC (see also HN Z 66-S-11/15, T63).


Implemented Protocol Stacks

HN Z 66 S 11/15, T63, Master

HN Z 66 S 11/15, T63, Slave

Applicable Products

  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility


  • PLN Gambir
    PLN Gambir, Indonesia

    Products: ipConv
    Protocol Stacks: DNP V3.00, Slave DNP V3.00, Master HN Z 66 S 11/15, T63, Slave HN Z 66 S 11/15, T63, Master