• The Seab 1F protocol (also known as Modnet 1F) developed by AEG enables the coupling of control station and substation belonging to the Geadat 120 product line. Seab simply refers to the expression 'serial installation bus' which also describes a possible topology of this protocol based on half-duplex operation. In other words, up to 128 substations can be operated by one control station in party line mode.

    Also worth mentioning with respect to Seab 1F is that handshake signals normally employed in modem control are used to implement end of telegram recognition. These signals have to be controlled actively by the respective transmitting station, which demands highly accurate timing of these signals during communication.

    But the physical connection can still be realized via a normal RS232/V.24 interface, either directly or via a special designated AEG modem connection of the UEM201 type. This means that data can be exchanged via the telecommunications network, if the required automatic calling modules have been installed.

7 Application Layer Seab1F Application Layer
6 Presentation Layer n/a
5 Session Layer n/a
4 Transport Layer n/a
3 Network Layer n/a
2 Link Layer n/a
1 Physical Layer RS232 / V.24 (UART-Conform)
Supported Information Types
Control Direction
  • Single Command
  • Setpoint [16 bit]
Monitoring Direction
  • Single indication [1 Bit]
  • Single indication [1 Bit] with time tag
  • Measured value [8 bit]
  • Measured value [16 bit]
  • Counter value [16 bit]
Protocol Features
  • Physical Layer

    RS232 / V.24 (UART-Conform), Half-Duplex

  • Application Layer

    Transmission of pulse commands
    Transmission of setpoints
    Spontaneous transmission of indications with or without time tag, measurands and counter values
    Absolute time tag representation, accuracy 1 ms
    Support of 8-Bit and 16-Bit measured values
    General Interrogation
    Request of given Indications, Measurands or Counters is possible
    Transmission of management- and organizational data
    up to 128 RTUs on a serial line

  • Address Space

    rtu's per line: 128
    Indications for each rtu: up to 1024
    Measurands for each rtu: up to 64
    Counters for each rtu: 64
    Commands for each rtu: 256
    Setpoints for each rtu: 64

Available Protocol Stacks

SEAB 1F, Master

SEAB 1F, Slave

Applicable Products
  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

  • ipConvLite

    Universal protocol converter for small and distributed applications

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PBS

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFIBUS-DP, slave interface

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PBM

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFIBUS-DP, master interface

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PNS

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFINET-IO, slave interface