Sinaut ST1

  • Sinaut ST1 refers to a Siemens telecontrol system based on the Simatic S5 automation system. Telecontrol interface modules (TIM) provide the telecontrol interface for exchanging data with external devices using this protocol.

    Sinaut ST1 3 can operate in three different modes:

    • Polling mode
      In polling mode, the control station interrogates all connected substations which then transmit spontaneous data. No substation sends any data without interrogation. Multi-point connections can only be implemented with this half-duplex operation mode.
    • Cyclic operation
      This full-duplex transmission mode enables simultaneous data transmission by both communication partners. Each telegram is acknowledged by the distant terminal, which efficiently solves the issue of flow control. This operation mode allows only point-to-point connections.
    • Spontaneous mode
      This operation mode enables data transmission via telecommunication networks with dial-up modems. If a communication partner has data ready to send, it automatically sets up a connection to the distant terminal, sends the data and immediately disconnects again if the distant terminal has no data ready to send. As all relevant phone numbers are stored in the communication partners' memory, they can open a line to all distant terminals.

    The telegram frames of the protocol comply with DIN 19244, FT1.2 format class which is also used in the IEC 60870-5-101 standard. In polling mode, up to 255 substations can be connected to a control station.

    Unfortunately the number of information points that can be transmitted per telegram is not uniquely defined and may be as follows:

    Indication telegrams: 1 or 2 byte payload data per telegram which equals 16 or 32 indicating bits
    Analog value telegrams: 8 or 16 byte payload data per telegram which equals 4 or 8 measured values
    Counter value telegrams: 4, 8 or 16 byte payload data per telegram which equals 1, 2 or 4 counter values
    Command telegrams: principally 2 byte payload data per telegram which always equals 8 command bits

    The data telegram length must be chosen according to the required number of data points, as the address space is limited to a maximum 255 telegram numbers.


7 Application Layer Sinaut ST1 Application Layer
6 Presentation Layer n/a
5 Session Layer n/a
4 Transport Layer n/a
3 Network Layer n/a
2 Link Layer DIN 19244, FT 1.2
1 Physical Layer RS232 / V.24 (UART-Conform)
Supported Information Types
Control Direction
  • Single Command
Monitoring Direction
  • Single indication [1 Bit]
  • Single indication [1 Bit] with time tag
  • Double indication [2 bit]
  • Double indication [2 bit] with time tag
  • Measured value [12 bit]
  • Counter value [28 bit]
Protocol Features
  • Physical Layer

    RS232 / V.24 (UART-Conform), Half-Duplex

  • Link Layer

    Framing of data according to DIN 19244, FT 1.2

  • Application Layer

    Transmission of pulse commands
    Spontaneous, priority controlled transmission of Indications and Measurands with or without time tag
    Absolute time tag representation, accuracy 1 ms
    each measurand additionally contains an error bit and an overflow bit
    General Interrogation
    Request of specific Indications, Measurands or Counters is possible
    Transmission of organizational data
    up to 255 RTUs on 1 serial line

  • Address Space

    Station Address: 0..254
    Telegram Number: 0..255

Available Protocol Stacks

Sinaut ST1, Slave

Applicable Products
  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

  • ipConvLite

    Universal protocol converter for small and distributed applications

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PBS

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFIBUS-DP, slave interface

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PBM

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFIBUS-DP, master interface

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PNS

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFINET-IO, slave interface

  • Stadtwerke Brühl
    Stadtwerke Brühl, Germany

    Products: ipConv
    Protocol Stacks: Sinaut ST1, Slave IEC 60870-5-101, Master