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    Emerson Process Management AG
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    Linz AG


  • The project involved the supply of the protocol conversion software (PKS), which was installed on the customer's control station server.
    ipConvOPC was used for protocol conversion, consisting of the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol stack and OPC DA 3.0, Server, which supplies data to the OPC client (a Matrikon data manager). A node system from the IDS company and the Siemens Spectrum system were linked via the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

    The control station server, currently running on Windows NT, is to be migrated to Windows XP at a later date.


    The Emerson control station server is located at the Linz Mitte combined heating and power station (Austria)..

    The power station, which went live in the mid-70ies, supplies energy to the Austrian city of Linz , its heating output is fed into the heat distribution network. 
    After more than 30 year's operation, the power station has reached its limits. In order to meet the growing energy demand, the power station was expanded with a high performance gas and steam turbine. Combined heat power coupling enables the simultaneous generation of electricity and heat. The heating storage tank at the combined Linz district heating power station, measuring 65 m in height and with a volume of approx. 34,500 m, is one the largest of its kind in the world.

    Technical data:

    Gas turbine (General Electric) - Steam turbine (Siemens AG):
      On stream: November 2004
      Electricity output: 105,000 kW
      Heating output: 85,000 kW
    Bio mass plant:
      On stream: November 2005
      Electricity output: 8,000 kW
      Heating output: 20,000 kW
Used Products
  • ipConvOPC

    Windows software package for universal conversion between diverse standard protocols

Used Protocol Stacks

OPC DA 3.0, Server

IEC 60870-5-104, Master