IPC191V5 19" 1U

Successor of the industrial PC IPC191V4 19" 1U

  • The IPC191 is the proven hardware platform of our ipConv brand products.
    Compared to its predecessor IPC191V4 19" 1U the industrial PC IPC191V5 19" 1U captivates with a significantly higher processor performance.

    IPC191V5 19" 1U is available in combination with the products ipRoute and ipConv. The system is supplied with the newest version of our real-time ipLinux operating system.

    The IPC191V5 19" 1U is equipped with four CPU cores and up to 8 GB RAM; max. 20 RS-232 interfaces and 10 LAN interfaces are available.
    The industrial PC consists of a 19" chassis (1U) with a PCIe extension slots for inserting an appropriate card. The mains power supply are 90 - 264 V AC, 9 - 32 V DC, or 30 - 120 V DC (other power supplies on request). The basic system can be equipped as requested with a corresponding PCIe plug in card.

    Each industrial PC is mounted by IPCOMM and goes through a systematic test procedure. The IPC191V5 19" 1U is designed for continuous operation and highest availability.
    Top quality and high durability determine the selection of the components.
    All components are cooled passively. The fans are switched on only if critical system temperatures have been reached.

Performance Overview
  • Graphical comparison of IPCOMM gateways with regard to the maximum number of information changes/s at 100% throughput and the maximum number of node variables that can be managed, processed and transmitted.

    Gateway Performance Charts

Technical Details
  • Diagnostics (Status LEDs Front)

    PWR: Power LED
    CPU: LED to show different software conditions
    Mass storage: CFast activity LED

  • Diagnostics (Status LEDs Rear)

    PWR: m/b power LED
    Mass storage activity
    LAN 1-6: Link and activity LED

  • Mass Storage CFast

    Rugged CFast card, industrial - grade
    Max. 64 GB supported
    MTBF ≥ 4,000,000 hours
    No moving parts
    Removable flash card
    Bad Block Scanning/Handling
    Wear-Leveling system
    Very short access time

  • Supported Operating System


  • Additional Functions and Features

    Battery buffered real time clock (RTC)
    Hardware Watchdog
    Temperature monitoring
    Power supply monitoring

  • Housing

    Mounting: 19" rack mount chassis (1U)
    Expansion slot: 1x PCIe x1
    IP Code: IP20
    Rotating parts: Excellent air flow with temperature-controlled fans which are switched on only if a certain CPU temperature and system temperature respectively has been exceeded (configurable)
    Dimensions (W/H/D):
    Approx. 482.6 mm/44.45 mm/381 mm (19"/1.75"/15")
    Weight: Approx. 5.1 kg

  • Power Supply 115/230 V AC
    (standard variant)

    Voltage: UPWR1: 115/230 V AC (90 - 264 V AC)
    Power consumption: Max. 50 W; Typ. 25 W (depending on the used type)
    Starting current: Max. 30 A (at 230V AC)
    Input frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
    Holding time: ≥ 20 ms at 230 V AC
    Fan: Fanless

  • Power supply 12/24 V DC
    (optional variant)

    Voltage: UPWR1: 12 / 24 V DC (9 - 32 V DC)
    Power consumption: Max. 50 W; Typ. 25 W (depending on the used type)
    Starting current: Max. 13 A (at 10 V DC)
    Holding time: ≥ 1 ms at +24 V DC
    Fan: Fanless

  • Power supply 48/60/110 V DC
    (optional variant)

    Voltage: UPWR1: 48 / 60 / 110 V DC (30 - 120 V DC)
    Power consumption: Max. 50 W; Typ. 25 W (depending on the used type)
    Starting current: n/a
    Holding time: n/a
    Fan: Fanless

  • Further power supplies available on request.

  • Mainboard

    Embedded CPU: Intel® Series CPU
    Four cores with up to 2.3 GHz, passively cooled
    RAM: DDR3L RAM max. 8 GB
    Mass storage: SATA & mSATA interface
    Real-time clock: Supported by a lithium battery (CR2032)

  • Interfaces

    6x RJ45 10/100/1000BaseT LAN interface
    Serial interfaces:
    1x RJ45 RS232 rear
    2x DB9 RS232 rear
    1x DB9 RS232 front
    Extension port:
    1x PCI Express x1 slot (for 8x RS232-/16x RS232- or 4x Ethernet-interface card)
    4x USB (2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 on the front)

  • Operating Environment

    Operating temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C
    Storage temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C
    Rel. humidity: 5 % to 95 % not condensing

  • Approval

    CE (industrial)

  • Standards

    EN IEC 61000-6-2:2019
    EN IEC 61000-6-4:2019
    EN IEC 61000-3-2:2019
    EN 61000-3-3:2013 +A1:2019
    Including current basic standards (EMC - see datasheet)

  • Conformity


EU declaration of conformity