Sinaut 8FW

  • The Sinaut 8FW protocol was the standard protocol used by Siemens for coupling controls stations and substations before being replaced by IEC 60870-5-101. There are several variants of this protocol in use:

    • Sinaut 8FW PDM
      for physical layer encoding based on the PLM method (Pulse Length Modulation)
    • Sinaut 8FW PCM
      for physical layer encoding based on the PCM method (Pulse Code Modulation) with start bit, data bits, parity and stop bit. This protocol variant used the FT1.2 telegram format standardized in the IEC TC57 (IEC 60870-5-1) protocol.
    • Sinaut 8FW DUST
      follows the 3964R procedure on the physical layer mainly used in process automation (SPS).

    Sinaut 8FW PLM can be operated at baud rates of up to 1200 Baud, it only supports point-to-point operation.

    Sinaut 8FW PCM is mainly used in point-to-point operation. But there are also variants suitable for party-line operation.

    In addition to those basic variants already mentioned, there are other versions which differ in their functional scope and telegram length. This is why the range of functions needs to be specified in each case.

Supported Information Types
Control Direction
  • Single Command
  • Double Command
  • Digital setpoint [8 bit]
  • Digital setpoint [16 bit]
  • Digital setpoint [32 bit]
Monitoring Direction
  • Event
  • Single indication [1 Bit]
  • Double indication [2 bit]
  • Event with time tag
  • Single indication [1 Bit] with time tag
  • Double indication [2 bit] with time tag
  • Measured value [8 bit]
  • Measured value [11 bit]
  • Counter value BCD [7 digits]
  • Counter value dual [32 bit]
  • Bitpattern [8 bit]
  • Bitpattern [16 bit]
  • Bitpattern [32 bit]
  • Tap position BCD
  • Tap position dual [6 bit]
Protocol Features
  • Link Layer

    PtP: full-duplex
    Party Line: pseudo halfduplex

  • Application Layer

    Grundzyklusliste, Unterlagerte Grundzyklusliste
    Zeitgesteuerte Liste, Zählergesteuerte Liste
    Telegrammspeicher mit und ohne Zeit

  • Address Space

    Station number 0..127
    Information object address: 1..16777215

Available Protocol Stacks

Sinaut 8FW (PCM), Master

Sinaut 8FW (PCM), Slave

Sinaut 8FW (PDM), Master

Sinaut 8FW (PDM), Slave

Applicable Products
  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

  • Fink WinPP Protocol Simulator
    Fink WinPP Protocol Simulator

    Simulationsoftware for IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-102, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, SINAUT 8-FW 16-1024 PCM/DPDM

  • NPC San Manuel, Labrador
    NPC San Manuel, Labrador, Philippines

    Products: ipConv
    Protocol Stacks: Sinaut 8FW (PCM), Slave Harris-5000/6000, Slave XMAT, Master

  • LAUBAG, Schwarze Pumpe
    LAUBAG, Schwarze Pumpe, Germany

    Products: ipConv
    Protocol Stacks: ANSI X3.28, Master Sinaut 8FW (PCM), Slave