Compact controller with PROFIBUS-DP interface for DIN rail mounting

  • SEC3PB is an embedded controller designed for use in industrial applications. Compared to the basic system SEC3 it comes with an additional PROFIBUS-DP interface. It has no rotating parts. A fan is not required due to the low power requirement.

    SEC3PB has two serial RS232/RS422/RS485 interfaces and two Ethernet adapters. Thanks to a redundant power feed-in, different input voltages can be used.

    SEC3PB is used in combination with the product ip4Cloud/SEC3PB. The system is supplied with the newest version of our real-time ipLinux operating system.

    The device is equipped with a status relay, which can be freely configured by the software. In the case of power failures or non-fulfillment of a user-defined condition a changeover switch switches into the idle state "FAIL".

    Various diagnostic functions are available via built-in LEDs. A power indicator, transmit and receive indicator for the serial interfaces as well as an indicator for the network controller provide information about the current operating status. A CPU LED indicates the operating mode of the software.

Performance Overview
  • Graphical comparison of IPCOMM gateways with regard to the maximum number of information changes/s at 100% throughput and the maximum number of node variables that can be managed, processed and transmitted.

    Gateway Performance Charts

Technical Details
  • Processor

    ARM Cortex-A8 1 GHz

  • Mass Storage

    512 MB SLC NAND Flash

  • Memory

    256 MB DDR3L

  • Network Interface

    2x RJ45 10/100BASE-T

  • Serial interfaces

    2x RJ45 RS232 / RS422 / RS485
    Baud Rate: 300 – 115200 Baud

  • PROFIBUS interface

    1x PROFIBUS interface DB9 female
    (DPV0, RS485 9600 to 12M Baud, passive)

  • USB interface

    1 x USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps

  • State relay "FAIL"

    Maximum voltage: 30 V AC/DC
    Maximum current: 2 A

  • ESD

    All interfaces are ESD protected
    (ESD, surge and burst see EMC)

  • Diagnostics (Status LEDs)

    PWR: Power LED
    USR: LED freely configurable by software
    CPU: LED to show different software conditions
    COM1/COM2: Send and receive LED for serial interfaces
    ETH0/ETH1: Link and activity LED for Ethernet interfaces
    PROFIBUS RX: Receive LED
    PROFIBUS PWR: Power LED for PROFIBUS interface
    PROFIBUS OP: Operation LED

  • Additional functions

    Battery bufferd real time clock (RTC)
    State relay "FAIL"
    Hardware watchdog
    Temperature monitoring
    Power supply monitoring

  • Power supply

    UPWR1/2: 12 / 24 / 48 V DC (9 – 60 V DC)

  • Power consumption

    Max. 10 W (typ. 4 W without USB)

  • Line cross-section

    0.13 – 3.31 mm² (AWG 26...12, solid or stranded wire)

  • Feature

    Redundant feed-in with fault contact "FAIL"

  • Dimensions W/H/D

    approx. 65mm/124mm/129mm

  • Mounting

    35 mm DIN-Rail

  • IP Code


  • Rotating parts


  • Weight

    approx. 0.6 kg

  • Operating- / storage temperature

    -20° C to 60° C / -40° C to 85° C

  • Rel. humidity

    5 % to 95 % non-condensing

  • Approval

    CE (Industrial)

  • Standards

    EN 55032: 2015
    EN 61000-6-2: 2005

  • Conformity


  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Emission Requirements:

    EN 55016-2-1:2014
    Conducted emission on power supply lines in the frequency range 150 kHz - 30 MHz
    EN 55016-2-1:2014
    Conducted emission on telecommunication lines in the frequency range 150 kHz - 30 MHz
    EN 55016-2-3:2010 + A1:2010 + AC:2013 + A2:2014
    Radiated emission in the frequency range 30 MHz - 1 GHz
    EN 55016-2-3:2010 + A1:2010 + AC:2013 + A2:2014
    Radiated emission in the frequency range 1 GHz – 6 GHz

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Immunity Requirements

    EN 61000-4-2: 2009
    Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
    - Contact discharge ± 6 kV
    - Air discharge ± 8 kV
    EN 61000-4-3: 2006 + A1:2008 + A2:2010
    Immunity to RF electromagnetic fields in the frequency range 80 – 2700 MHz, Test level 10 V/m
    EN 61000-4-4: 2012
    Immunity to fast transients (Burst)
    - DC power port ± 4 kV
    - Signal lines ± 2 kV
    EN 61000-4-5: 2014
    Immunity to surges on power supply lines (Surge)
    - DC power port: line <-> ground ± 2 kV
    - DC power port: line <-> line ± 2 kV
    EN 61000-4-5: 2014
    Immunity to surges on shielded signal lines (Surge)
    - Shielded lines ± 2 kV
    EN 61000-4-6: 2014
    Immunity to conducted interference induced by radio-frequency fields in the frequency range 150 kHz – 80 MHz, Test level 10 V

EU declaration of conformity