Solutions for OPC Interface

The OPC interface is increasingly gaining in popularity in automation technology. Thanks to its high degree of functionality and interoperability it is frequently used for connecting telecontrol and automation devices to SCADA and HMI systems. As a member of the OPC Foundation we are dedicated to maintaining the compatibility of our products with the OPC standard and products of other vendors. We are able to offer these OPC family interfaces:


Supplied as a complete software package for the Windows NT/2000/2003/XP operating systems, ipConvOPC is a cost-effective solution. The software can either be installed directly at the control station or on a separate system. Telecontrol and automation devices can be connected via selected protocols (see ipConvOPC).

Other options are OPC DA 3.0, Server or OPC DAXML 1.01, Server to enable data exchange with the OPC DA or OPC DAXML client.

Based on the OPC standard, our ipConvOPC can be used with any control station for instance WinCC (Siemens), Intouch (Wonderware) and is compatible with control technology by any other vendors such as VA TECH SAT, AREVA or Emerson .

This enables telecontrol or automation devices to be connected to almost any control station with an OPC client.

Reference projects: RWE Mosel Hydro Power Stations, FHKW Linz

The ipConvOPC software package may include several protocol modules (master/slave) allowing the connection of different telecontrol or automation devices to different control stations. 
The ipConvOPCsoftware needs to be installed on a separate Windows node workstation to implement this application.

Reference project: BLS AlpTransit - Lötschbergtunnel

ipRoute enables the transmission of serial protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101 over the Ethernet or TCP/IP networks.  The ipConvOPC software package installed on the workstation of the control center effects the conversion from IEC 60870-5-101 to OPC.

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