Relay-controlled 4-Port Ethernet Line Breaker with integrated I/O module

  • With the SEC3ER you retain complete control over your network connections. Using industrial protocols or digital I/O, it can physically disconnect Ethernet connections.

    SEC3ER is equipped with four 10 Gigabit Ethernet port pairs, which can be physically disconnected. A mechanical 3-way toggle switch is provided for each port pair on the front of the housing, enabling the manual control of the Ethernet connection. For remote control of these Ethernet connections, the corresponding toggle switch must be set to the "REMOTE" position. Only this way, settings configured on the software side are applied.

    For switching the Ethernet ports bistable relays are used. The state of the ports is thus maintained even during power failures, while existing connections are not interrupted.

    For control and automation of the 4-Port Ethernet Line Breaker, SEC3ER features numerous interfaces. In addition to two serial RS232/RS422/RS485 interfaces and two Ethernet adapters, an 8x digital I/O module is included to enable the creation of complex circuitry.

    Built-in LEDs provide various diagnostic information. The status of each relay-controlled Ethernet connection is displayed by 3 status LEDs. A power indicator, transmit and receive indicator for the serial interfaces, as well as an indicator for the network controller provide information about the current operating status. A CPU LED indicates the operating mode of the software.

    The relay-controlled 4-Port Ethernet Line Breaker SEC3ER is designed for use in industrial applications. Based on the hardware model SEC3IO, it has no rotating parts. A fan is not required due to the low power requirement.

    SEC3ER is used in combination with the product ipELB. The system is supplied with the latest version of our real-time operating system ipLinux.

Technical Details
  • Processor

    ARM Cortex-A8 1 GHz

  • Mass storage

    512 MB SLC NAND Flash

  • Memory

    256 MB DDR3L

  • Ethernet relay interfaces

    4x RJ45 paired Ethernet interfaces
    (Compatible with 10M/100M/1G/10G Ethernet)

  • Control switch

    4x 3-way toggle switch for Ethernet interfaces E1-E4

  • Network interface

    2x RJ45 10/100BASE-T

  • Serial interfaces

    2x RJ45 RS232 / RS422 / RS485
    Baud Rate: 300 – 115200 Baud

  • USB interface

    2 x USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps

  • Digital input

    8x Digital Input
    Input voltage: 0 – 24 V DC (UDI1-8_max: 30 V DC)
    Input level low: ≤ 2.96 V DC ± 1%
    Input level high: ≥ 3.49 V DC ± 1%
    Input impedance: 1.28 MΩ ±2%
    Sampling rate: max. 500 Hz ± 5%
    Linecross-section: 0.129–3.31mm²
    (AWG 26...12, solid or stranded wire)

  • Digital output

    8x Digital Output (MOSFET P-Channel high side)
    Input voltage VSO: 9 – 24 V DC

    • UVSO_max: 30 V DC
    • I VSO_max: 4 A
    Output voltage:
    • UDO1-8 = VSO - {0.4 V @ 0 A .. 1 V @ 0.5 A}
    Max. output current: 500 mA
    Max. switching frequency: timpulse ≤ 2 kHz ± 25%
    Overcurrent protection - switchover to high-impedance state in the event of a fault:
    • if 500 mA limit is exceeded
    • when switching on load ≥ 350mA
    • switch-off time in case of error: 65µs ± 5%
      (with 22 Ω and UVSO = 24 V DC)
    • deactivation switch-off of outputs can be reset by software

    Line cross-section: 0.129–3.31mm²
    (AWG 26...12, solid or stranded wire)

  • Diagnostics (Status LEDs)

    PWR: Power LED
    USR: LED freely configurable by software
    CPU: LED to show different software conditions
    COM1/COM2: Send and receive LED for serial interfaces
    ETH0/ETH1: Link and activity LED for Ethernet interfaces
    DI 1 – 8: Status LED for digital input (green if high level)
    DO 1 – 8: Status LED for digital output (green if output active; red if output deactivated due to error)
    E1 – E4: Three status LEDs each for displaying the current connection status of the Ethernet relay interfaces E1-E4 (red if interface is active; orange if interface is controlled by software; green if interface is inactive)

  • Additional functions

    - 4x bistable relays for Ethernet pairs E1-E4
    - Battery buffered real time clock (RTC)
    - Hardware watchdog
    - Temperature monitoring

  • Power supply

    - Input Voltage 115 / 230 V AC (85 - 264 V AC)
    - Starting current max. 1.5 A
    - Input frequency 47 - 63 Hz
    - Power consumption max. 65 W
    - IEC inlet, snap-in (IEC 60320-C14)

  • Dimensions W/H/D

    approx. 354mm/44mm/192mm (without mounting brackets)

  • Mounting

    19" rack mounting with mounting brackets (included in scope of delivery)

  • IP Code


  • Rotating parts


  • Weight

    approx. 2 kg

  • Environmental- / storage temperature

    -20° C to 60° C / -40° C to 85° C

  • Rel. humidity

    5 % to 95 % non-condensing

  • Approval

    CE (Industrial)

  • Conformity