ipConv Use Cases

Simple Gateway for decentralized Applications

Our product ipConvLite has been designed for simple one-to-one protocol conversions. Together with the MEC hardware platform you have a compact, highly reliable system (no rotating parts) at your disposal. It comes with four serial RS232 interfaces allowing several RTUs to be connected.

The adjacent example shows a gateway connecting a control station based on the Sinaut ST1 protocol to an IEC 60870-5-101 substation.

Attractively priced, this product offers great value for money, in particular if large quantities are needed for a large number of substations.

Conversion between LAN and serial protocols

The integrated RJ45 LAN port (10BaseT) allows communication via protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104. Even redundant control stations or telecontrol points can be connected.

This variant offers an effective solution for migration from obsolete leased lines lines to a modern LAN/WAN architecture.

The device can be remotely accessed any time via TCP/IP and a web interface, in order to change its configuration or carry out diagnosis. This saves you costly journeys to the substation.


Interconnection between legacy and standard protocols

The TCT add-on module can be used to connect modern RTUs to an existing control station or vice versa via the Indactic 2033, Sinaut 8FW, Conitel 2020 or CDC Type II protocols which do not comply with the standard RS232 interface. This module enables you to implement almost any pulse code or pulse length modulated protocols.

This solution was implemented in the CFE and Interconnection BAGZV, EWAG projects.

Decentralized node for connection with different SCADA systems

ipConv goes way beyond the usual functionalities of a gateway, as it is capable of connecting several different protocol stacks.

And with OPC DAXML 1.01, Server a local HMI system can also easily be connected.

Redundant Gateway

With some applications, system availability is a major priority. ipConv also supports the redundant operation of two devices. The redundant connection can be implemented either via a serial interface or via Ethernet. Use CS if you want to connect two devices via a serial interface.

Central communication hub

ipConv can, of course, also be used as a central node. If IPC191V3 19" 1U hardware is used, there are up to 16 serial interfaces and 2 LAN interfaces at your disposal (please inquire about different configurations). The CS module enables two redundant devices to be connected to a single line.