Database, Client

see also protocol(s)

  • Database, Client enables the export of process data to a database. The module supports secure data transfer and authentication for all database types.

    Supported databases:

    • MSSQL Version MSSQL 2000 (TDS 7.1) or newer
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Microsoft Azure 'Cosmos DB' via MongoDB

    Operating mode

    The current process image is written during startup or when the connection is interrupted, i.e. the current values of all configured data points are sent to the database.

    After the initialization of the process image, only data point changes are written.

    All data point entries have the following attributes:

    • Timestamp
    • Value
    • Quality
    • Data point type
    • Data point designation
    • Transmission direction
    • Module or protocol stack

    In case of connection errors or delayed data writing, the data point changes are chronologically buffered and processed in the buffer. A buffer overflow is treated like a connection termination, so that the buffer is deleted, and the entire process image is written.

This protocol stack can be used with following products
  • ipConvLite

    Universal protocol converter for small and distributed applications

  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

  • ipConvOPC

    Windows software package for universal conversion between diverse standard protocols

  • ipConv/VM

    Universal protocol conversion for VMware Workstation and VMware ESXi

  • ipConv/Cloud

    Universal protocol conversion for the cloud environment or Linux based edge devices

  • ip4Cloud

    Link critical processes securely to IT/Cloud/SCADA services

  • ip4Cloud/SEC3PB

    Capture PROFIBUS data by eavesdropping and transmit it to Cloud/IT or SCADA services

  • ip4Cloud/SEC3IO

    Switch and monitor digital I/O states to transmit them to IT/Cloud/SCADA services

  • ipELB

    4-Port Ethernet Line Breaker with relay controlled Ethernet ports and integrated I/O module