Process Automation

Process automation in the industrial sector (such as mechanical engineering and plant construction) primarily relies on the use of field buses. Our protocol converter enables data to be transmitted from the field bus (controller, sensors, actuators ) to the superior control center.

This specific application can be implemented with our ipConvPS protocol converter which is capable of using the Profibus DPV0 protocol to communicate with the Profibus. Implementation requires the Profibus distant terminal to be set up as master. Selected protocols are provided for communication with other devices (master or slave).

The IPCOMM proprietary Profibus DPV0 application layer enables the transmission of data such as quality descriptors and time stamps. Using the application layer requires however that the Profibus distant terminal is also capable of sending and receiving information over this protocol.

A DIN rail mounted Embedded PC (HECPS) or 19" Industrial PC  (IPC191V3 19" 1U) with Profibus interface may be used as a suitable hardware platform.

Reference project: IBIRITE

The ipConvLite or ipConvprotocol converter allows the connecting of MODBUS field devices. Selected protocols  are provided for ipConvLite to enable communication with  the control center.

Reference projects: ISKI, PEMEX, Madero

Other field buses such as Profibus DPV1, Profibus FMS, 3964R, Sinec-H1 can be connected using our universally compatible ipConv protocol converter, as long as there are appropriate field bus interfaces for the hardware platforms (MEC) oder (IPC191V3 19" 1U).

Reference projects: Project CFE, Burfell, NPC San Manuel, Labrador, I-SHAPE, FSC HECHI

The ipConv protocol converter is also capable of linking different field buses, for instance MODBUS and Sinec-H1.

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