BACnet, Client

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  • BACnet, Client is used to connect one or more BACnet servers for process data exchange and controlling.

    The implementation is based on the BACnet specification ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2016 version 1 revision 19. The functional range of the BACnet, Client protocol stack does not match exactly a predefined profile and is defined by the list of supported services / BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks (BIBBs).

Data Link Layer Options
    • BACnet IP, (Annex J): UPD/IP based communication over Ethernet
    • Able to transmit segmented messages (Window Size: 1-127)
    • Able to receive segmented messages (Window Size: 1-127)
Supported BIBBs
  • BIBB Abbreviation BIBB Name
    DS-RP-A ReadProperty-A
    DS-RPM-A ReadPropertyMultiple-A
    DS-WP-A WriteProperty-A
    DS-COV-A Change of Value-A
    DM-DDB-A Dynamic Device Binding-A
Supported Object Types
    • Binary Output
    • Binary Input
    • Binary Value
    • Analog Output
    • Analog Input
    • Analog Value
    • MultiState Output
    • MultiState Input
    • MultiState Value
    • Integer Value
    • Positive Integer Value
This protocol stack can be used with following products
  • ipConvLite

    Universal protocol converter for small and distributed applications

  • ipConv

    Universal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

  • ipConvOPC

    Windows software package for universal conversion between diverse standard protocols

  • ipConv/VM

    Universal protocol conversion for VMware Workstation and VMware ESXi

  • ipConv/Cloud

    Universal protocol conversion for the cloud environment or Linux based edge devices

  • ip4Cloud

    Link critical processes securely to IT/Cloud/SCADA services

  • ip4Cloud/SEC3PB

    Capture PROFIBUS data by eavesdropping and transmit it to Cloud/IT or SCADA services

  • ip4Cloud/SEC3IO

    Switch and monitor digital I/O states to transmit them to IT/Cloud/SCADA services

  • ipELB

    4-Port Ethernet Line Breaker with relay controlled Ethernet ports and integrated I/O module

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PBM

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFIBUS-DP, master interface

  • ipConvLite/MEC2PBS

    Universal protocol converter with integrated PROFIBUS-DP, slave interface